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You are feeling stuck and want a change.

You want to love your work, but it's not going that well.

You aren't progressing in your business. Your boss doesn't recognize your strengths. You were passed up for the next promotion. Others take credit for your ideas. 

You feel stuck. And, perhaps under-appreciated.

You may even want to change your goals because apparently they were too visionary and the success you desired wasn't meant for you.


Honor your feelings of discontent. Those feelings are teaching you something about yourself.

Those feelings are giving you hints that you aren't  pursuing your true desires and it's time to make a shift.

The good news is that you don't have to change your job or your business, your desires, or your location to get started.

You can start by learning how to use your emotions as a mechanism to shine a light on what kind of action you take when you feel certain things -  do they drive you to take amazing action toward your goals OR cause you to shrink in fear and excuses that hold you back?

So, let's take a look at those emotions and get you going toward your true desires.

My job is to sit on a virtual couch with you and discuss your thoughts and emotions. I get to help your awareness increase and share tools and insights that help you figure out what to do with this information.

Your job is to show up and just share what is on your mind, be open to your own inspiration, and take a new awareness into your daily life that helps you propel yourself into your best life and work.

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Hi, I'm Rebecca Clark

The Work Coach
career | entrepreneur

I help you start your next phase of work

Stepping into the  leadership position.
Pursuing the next level in your business.
Learning how to manage your mindset.

It will be hard, and exhilarating, and worth it.

I’ve been there. 
After 25+ years as an employee, I decided to turn my side gig experiments into “the” gig. And, I’m loving it! I’d love to guide you on your journey.

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  • Life Coach (The Life Coach School)
  • Executive Chief Learning Officer 
  • Project Management Professional 
  • Program Management -DoD
  • Secondary Teaching - History & Psych
  • M.S. – Curriculum Development (Instructional Design & Technologies) 

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