Transform Your Work - Private Coaching (6 months) by Rebecca Clark

Transform Your Work - Private Coaching (6 months)

You are ready to do the work required to transform your career or business and willing to push through the discomfort that comes with personal change.

Up to this point, you have  experienced success in your work - highly regarded by clients and colleagues, the go to person for ideas, and you get things done.

Still, you feel like you haven't offered up your best work.

I'm ready to guide you on this next step in your journey!

Here's what we'll work on together

You want to take your work contribution to the next level. To do so, we'll take a look at a few areas in your life that may surprise you. But, it will be worth it. I'll guide you, ask you questions, and provide resources along the way. You prepare to show up ready to amaze your own mind on what you can create next in your life!

A few of the topic areas include:
  • Reflection - Identify ways you regularly block yourself from offering up your best work.
  • Relationships - Dissect your relationship with yourself, others, your work, your money and use your updated mindset to improve them all.
  • Time Management - Develop exceptional mastery over your time. 
  • Habit Formation - Create and maintain habits that support your transformation.
  • Past Success and Mistakes - Consistently honor your past experiences and use them for your next step in growth.
  • Implementation - Maintain and Adjust your plans as you reach personal goals.
  • Accountability - Identify and incorporate ways to measure your progress, success, failures, and insights to continue up-leveling your work.
  • Learning - Expand and constrain the desire and commitment to learn in a way that supports your work.
  • Joy in the Journey - Figure out how to appreciate where you are on the journey and know that you are already amazing just as you are. You just can't help but finding ways to offer up your best work.
  • Self-Coach - Learn how to coach yourself through the changes you want to make.

Phase I - Months 1-3

First 12 Weeks 
Mindset Focused
  • 1:1 Private Coaching once weekly for 12 weeks. 12 sessions.
  • Weekly self-paced training (video).
  • Notes provided after each live 1:1 coaching session.
  • Specific homework provided after each live session.

Phase II (Months 4-6)

Mindset + Implementation Focused
  • 1:1 Private Coaching once monthly for 12 additional weeks. 3 sessions.
  • Weekly self-paced training (video).
  • Specific homework assignments provided after each 1:1 coaching session.
  • Weekly group training call (will be recorded & available) demonstrating the use of a mind framework.
  • Access to other resources (e.g. private podcast episodes, books, additional tools shared by the coach).

Is it your time?

This is a great time to be ready to take that next step. So many possibilities await.

I'm ready to coach you if you are ready.

Select the "Buy for" button to get started. 

Can't wait to see what progress you make in your work over these next few months!

Get ready to move your desk!


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I help you love your work. And, move on if you'd like.

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